Inn 2006 Stuart and Pauline Webster became the landlord and landlady of The Ship Inn. Over the years that followed they began the renovations to refurbish the entire building to create the warm and welcoming environment that is The Ship Inn today. The bar area was  renovated to install slate floors, oak bar with marble top, log burners and open fires. 

In 2010 Greenodd Brewery began brewing and was a huge asset the The Ship Inn enabling our own brewed beers to be brewed on the premises and sold in our pub!

Meet the Brewer

Tom Evelin is our Brewer. He is more commonly known as "Pompey Tom" due to him originating from Portsmouth. Tom began brewing at Greenodd Brewery 4 years ago. Stuart and Tom were at a music concert together and the topic of Head Brewer came up. Tom agreed to give it a go. Tom had previously began his own brewing through making hedgerow wines. Stuart showed Tom the process for beer as well as spending time at Lancaster Brewery where he learnt more tricks of the trade! Members of the Lancaster Brewing Team also came over to Greenodd to help us set up our own kit. Tom has continued brewing for Greenodd ever since, even though he has other jobs to occupy his time!

Meet the Brewer

Our Story

What's next?

Tom is brewing at capacity and whilst a move may be needed to increase this, he and Stuart want to keep the quality of ales as they are. They are interested in brewing particular beers for other pubs and increasing this line of business. An expansion at Greenodd brewery is in the pipeline with plans passed to extend into the building next door! Watch our blog to keep up to date with new developments!!